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The most comprehensive coverage on the construction of Statutes. It includes parts of statutes,Extrinsic-Aids,Intrinsic aids, Reading down, Amendments,Repeals,codifications,Quasi-Judicial agencies,Non-obstante clause,Mandatory/Declatory provisions,Tax ,Beneficial, Criminal,Fiscal Statute's Interpretation and sub-ordinate legislations.Besides it contains the Rules of Interpretation and the Role of Judiciary.Citations are in abundance.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rules of Interpretation-Index

Rejection of words when permissible
Literal Rule of Construction
1.The  Literal Rule of Construction 
2Words have Core and Ordinary Meaning:Rule of   Interpretation:US Courts                              
 3 Ordinary Meaning :Reference to Dictionary: US 
4. Courts Approach.. Rule of Construction: Ordniary Natural meaning in context:US Court Approach  
4A Context  as a whole: Meaning             
5.Plain, Obvious and Rational Meaning: To be preferred-USCourts                                          
6.Common Meaning: What is               
7. Construction where Most Natural and Ordinary Meaning cannot be given                       
8.  When some Violence with Language :Permissible    
9.When to Depart from Literal/Plain Meaning Rule 
10.Deviation from Literal Rule   Canadian Citation 
11.Literal Rule of Construction: Criticism  
12Literal Rule and Other Approaches:Explained by courts        13.Two key Assumptions in Interpretation           
Special Rules Punctuation and Grammar

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