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The most comprehensive coverage on the construction of Statutes. It includes parts of statutes,Extrinsic-Aids,Intrinsic aids, Reading down, Amendments,Repeals,codifications,Quasi-Judicial agencies,Non-obstante clause,Mandatory/Declatory provisions,Tax ,Beneficial, Criminal,Fiscal Statute's Interpretation and sub-ordinate legislations.Besides it contains the Rules of Interpretation and the Role of Judiciary.Citations are in abundance.

Monday, May 24, 2010

List of Presumptions

General Nature of Presumptions
Presumption of the  Principle of Legality     2
Presumption against Infringement of Fundamental Rights  2
Presumption that Fundamental Rights cannot be taken away by General words of Statute  2
Presumption to that Right to seek Justice Shall not be taken Away
Presumption of Liberty and Onus:International Convention
Presumption that Statute does not Bind the crown  2
Exceptions: Rule that Statutes do not Bind the Crown
Crown Liability:International Perspective                2          Changing Approach
Crown: Immportant Decisions 
Presumption of Sovereign Immunity.USA              2   Due Process    2
Concept of Sovereignity
Presumption of Harmony with Other statutes
Presumption about Effective Date of Statute
Presumption that Parliament Acts Reasonably
Presumption against Intending what is not convenient
Presumption against interference with Vested Rights
Case Laws: Non Interference with Vested Rights
Law is not retroactive
Presumption against Extra-Territorial Effects
Presumption that Legislature is aware of existing State of Law
Presumption that Amending Acts have meaning
Presumption about Special Statute and General Statute
Presumption that Latter enactment overrides Earlier
Presumption against Implied Repeal
Presumption against Substantial Alteration of Law: Amending Statute
Presumption that Legislature expresses itself through words of Statute
Presumption in case of 'Notwithstanding anything.'. Clause
Presumption of Deference to Interpretation 
Presumption of deference and extent
Presumption that Statutory Construction is core to Judiciary
Preusmption about General awareness of Legislature
Presumption of Mens Rea     2  Scienter.US   3.US       4 
Presumption that Greater Power includes Lesser Power
Presumption that delegated Power would be used rationally            2
Presumption that Parliament Observed Procedures during Enactment
Presumption that Parliament does not want absurd results from Statute
Presumption of Delegation of Power to legislate [Incomplete Post]

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